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3 Easy Steps To Install (or Reinstall) our A+ Filtering for Windows

Step 1. Your Username and Password.

You will use your existing HB Account / Username and Password.

Step 2. Downloading the A+ Filtering installation file.

Click on the correct download link below for your version of Windows. You will need to Save (NOT Open or Run) this file to your "Desktop".

If you have Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or 8 - Download HERE

For Windows 10
- Click HERE

For older versions of Windows - Download HERE

Step 3. Installing the Premium S4F filtering for Windows

Once the download is complete find the s4f-v7.exe or Filterpak8.exe file(icon) on your Desktop or in you Downloads folder. Simply double click the file(icon) to start the Installation process.

*If you cannot find either of these s4f files on your Desktop then go to Start/Search/Files and folders and do a Search for s4f-v7.exe or Filterpak8.exe When you locate the file double click it to start the installation process.

Additional Important information

A. After you complete the installation your computer will automatically restart. When it comes back up the filter will be installed and prompt you for your password when you connect to the Internet. Use your current HB Acount/Username and Password. .

B. To test your filtering after you install go to www.blockedwebsite.com. If the filter is working you will get our A+ block screen.

C. If you need help send your inquires to support@hedge.org.

D. After you have successfully loaded the A+ Filtering if you would like to add Accountability and Reporting send an email to reports@hedge.org and include your name, email address, and HB Account/Username. HB support will send you an email with the necessary instructions for activating your Reporting feature.

E. If you are interested in getting Email Filtering click Here to register for Spam Arrest low cost email filtering.

F. If you are interested in getting Virus protection or a Firewall click Here to register for free or low cost protection and security.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The HB filtering comes with 23 different blocking categories. Your initial installation has 7 of these categories activated. HB subscribers each have their own unique blocking needs. If after using the HB filtering you discover that it is “over-blocking” or “under-blocking” based on your particular blocking needs you can adjust the filtering. For more information on adjusting the filtering after it is installed go to www.hedgebuilders.com/adjust We recommend that you write down and keep this web address.

Thanks for using HEDGEBUILDERS.

The Staff