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How to Adjust Your HB Filtering

The HB filtering comes with 23 different blocking categories. Your initial installation has 7 of these categories activated. HB subscribers each have their own unique blocking needs. If after installing the HB filtering you discover that it is “over-blocking” or “under-blocking” based on your particular blocking needs you can adjust the filtering.

The HEDGEBUILDERS FilterPak limits the user's direct ability to change the "Blocking Categories". We designed it this way to protect every member in the home from the ability to simply disable the filtering, or remove the block from certain sites. We do realize that each user's filtering needs very, and we are more than happy to help you adjust the "Blocking Categories" to better suit your specific filtering needs.

We can make the following preference changes for you by request.

1. Change your blocking categories. The HB filtering installs with 7 of 23 possible categories activated. Those checked below are the default blocking categories. If you would like us to change your blocking catagories email us your desired changes to support@hedge.org.

2. Turn on your ability to override the HB block screen with the use of an special override password. If you would like this feature email us at support@hedge.org and request an Override password.

The different categories are defined below. The requested changes are normally made in less than an hour.


Adult Material:
Websites and/or applications intended for an adult audience or content that is not specifically designed for viewing pornography, but may serve as a gateway to such material.

Alcohol & Tobacco:
Content that advocates or promotes the production or recreational use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco.

Alternate Lifestyle:
Non-pornographic content that provides information on or caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other alternative lifestyles.

Audio, Image & Video File Sharing:
Downloading of audio, images or video files from websites that serve as directories of such sites.

Chat/Instant Messaging/BBS:
Access to online chatting, message posting, voice transmission and software supporting such activities.

Criminal Activity :
Criminal activity includes, but is not necessarily limited to, hacking or cracking, hate speech, wagering, illegal drug promotion, illegal weapons, and crime instructions.

Media search:
This category blocks the Image banks and Video vaults available at search engines like Google and Yahoo, and sites like Youtube.

Anything that enables the download of software, updates, patches and other computer-related components.

Any content providing online wagering and sites devoted exclusively to promote gambling activities.

Internet participation of games such as puzzles, arcade, card, and logic problems. This category also covers any information that refers back to games such as strategy guides and hints.

Anything pertaining to the well being of a living body.

Any content that provides job listings and information related to employment, such as resume posting and interviewing tips.

Reporting of any current events taking place throughout the world.

Personal Website Communities:
Sites where web page space is offered for free, such as GeoCities, Tripod, AngelFire, and others. Any URL categorized as such is not guaranteed to have each individual personal website sub-categorized, though we may do so from time to time. However, pornography, nudity, hate speech and other commonly undesirable content violates the Terms of Service of many personal website hosts.

Personals & Dating:
Internet related websites and/or applications that post and receive information from people wanting to socialize.

Pornography & Recreational Nudity:
Pornography refers to any content containing bare breasts or genitalia in a photo, drawing, or other sexual depiction. Recreational nudity includes naturism, streaking, and other unclothed or see-through clothing activities.

Content about the reverence of a supernatural power regarded as creator and governor of the universe or a set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.

Search Sites:
Internet related websites and/or applications that search or index any portion of the Internet.

Information about any physical games such as football, skating, and hunting.

Stocks & Finance:
Information about finance and stock or tools to manage such information including personal finance.

Swimsuits / Lingerie:
Content that provide photos of models wearing swimsuits, lingerie, underwear, or other highly revealing attire.

Weapons & Violence:
Content pertaining to an instrument of attack or defense in combat such as guns, bombs, or swords. Also content pertaining to any physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing.

Web-Based E-mail:
Sites that offer free e-mail accounts in a web-based, or browser legible, format.