Protection for Macintosh 10.2

From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

Under the Internet and Network section, select Network.

(Important - Find the "Show" drop down menu. If you have a broadband connection this should be set to "Built in Ethernet". If your computer uses a dial-up connection this should be set to "Internal Modem".)

Select the Proxies tab.

Put a check mark in the box next to Web Proxy.

Type in the space provided.

Type 8080 in the space marked Port:

Click on lock icon at bottom of window to lock your proxy settings. Use your Owner/Administrator password to password protect the locked settings.

Click the button "Save" or "Apply Now". Close the window.

About E-mail Preferences Settings:

Internet Explorer will use Outlook Express 5.02 or EUDORA 5.0 as a mail program.

In the Outlook Express Preferences click on the "Proxies" tab and when the Proxies Preference panel opens check the box labeled "Web" and in the Address line enter the same proxy number and in the Port box the same port number as all your other settings(it may already be entered there).

**DO NOT check the box labeled "Mail" or Outlook Express will not be able to access your mail account.