Protection for Macintosh using Internet Explorer
for Mac O.S. 8, 8.5, and 9.

Special note: The Username and Password are for the Sign-on screen that will pop up after you have installed the filtering. Do NOT load the Username and Password into the configuration settings of your Internet Explorer.

The Instructions below are for Mac O.S. 8, 8.5, and 9. If you have Mac O.S. 10.2 click Here

With Internet Explorer 4.5 for MacIntosh

Click Tools, Edit, Preferences, Network Proxies, Proxies
Go to proxy area, Check Proxy Server Box, and type in:

click "settings"

in the Port box type in: 8080

Hit OK, then OK,
then exit I.E. 4.5
Reopen browser and try
(Look for the 403 HB Block Screen)

With Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5 for MacIntosh

With the Internet browser open, click Edit, then Preferences, and then click "Proxies" under the "Network" arrow of the left side scroll menu. On the right hand side is the sub-menu for proxies.

Click the checkbox entitled "Web Proxy," and then click "Settings..." button.

For the address line, type in

For the Port line type 8080

Leave Method Normal.

Leave Username and Password blanks EMPTY.

Make sure also the "Use proxy for local servers" box is checked at the bottom of this sub-menu also.
Click OK, and then OK again, and that's it.
Reopen browser and try
(Look for the 403 HB Block Screen)

About E-mail Preferences Settings:

Internet Explorer will use Outlook Express 5.02 or EUDORA 5.0 as a mail program.

In the Outlook Express Preferences click on the "Proxies" tab and when the Proxies Preference panel opens check the box labeled "Web" and in the Address line enter the same proxy number and in the Port box the same port number as all your other settings(it may already be entered there).

**DO NOT check the box labeled "Mail" or Outlook Express will not be able to access your mail account.