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Basic filtering for Windows 10

In Windows 10 go to Settings > Network and Internet > Proxy (see graphic below) and under Manual proxy setup:

Turn Use a proxy server on, and load:

Address - proxy.hedge.org
Port - 8080

To complete your HSP installation:

A. Close and reopen your browser. Go to www.blockedwebsite.com. You you will be prompted to sign into the HSP filtering:

Use your Temporary HB Acount/Username and Password,

or your permanent HB Acount/Username and Password if you've already received one via email.

B. You can always test your filtering by go to www.blockedwebsite.com. If the filter is working you will get our A+ block screen.

C. If you need help send your inquires to support@hedge.org.

Thanks for using HEDGEBUILDERS.

The Staff